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News: I'm going to the GDC 2004. Game Developer's Conference. It should be a very good time.

A first person shooter deathmatch game. I'm using the Torque Game Engine from Garage Games. Basically it is the old Tribes 2 engine hopped up. I currently only have Windows versions up, but I will get Linux Versions up after the GDC.

Story: You're a cyborg spider on a singularity ship tugging micro-wormholes to other solar systems. The crew went mad and all you know for certain after being decanted is that everyone is trying to kill each other.

Status: Almost ready for alpha testing.

NEW! Alpha Demo for Windows is available for download here (mar-20-04)

OLD! Alpha Demo for win32 is available for download here

If you are looking for my non-biped exporting tutorial for 3ds Max 5 into the Torque Game Engine, here it is.

Old screenshots can be found here


Current status: MULTIPLAYER ONLY! (alpha)


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